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Vibrating blade microtomes are used to produce monolayer or thick sections of fixed or fresh tissue under physiological conditions without freezing or embedding.

Vibrating Blade Microtomy Solutions

Vibrating microtomes (Vibratomes) by Leica Biosystems help you accurately cut tissue under physiological conditions without freezing or embedding. These precise instruments maintain cell morphology, enzyme activity, as well as cell viability of the tissue.


Leica VT1000 S

The VT1000 S features fine adjustable knife advance speed, a freely programmable cutting window, and accelerated return knife speed to minimize overall sectioning time of even the smallest specimens.

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Leica VT1200

The SEMI-AUTOMATED LEICA VT1200 has been designed for users who prefer to manually control sectioning parameters such as section thickness and cutting stroke for each individual section.

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Leica VT1200 S

The FULLY-AUTOMATED LEICA VT1200 S is recommended for multi user laboratories where users of both semi-automated vibrating blade microtomes and fully automated instruments work together.

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Educational Resources

When to use a Vibrating Microtome for Tissue Sectioning

Users of microtomes often ask if they can use just one microtome across all functions in the laboratory. This article addresses the advantages and limitations of Vibrating Blade microtomes.  

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Troubleshooting Routine Histology: A Guide on How to Avoid Common Mistakes

Download this training resource to learn more about a typical histology workflow and receive guidance on how to avoid common mistakes.  

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The Cost of Reprocessing

One of the most fundamentally critical elements of diagnostic histopathology is first the ability to suspend all cellular activity in tissue and prevent degradation, and secondly to process that specimen in a manner that facilitates subsequent steps such as...

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