CEREBRO 样本追踪系统

全新 — 推出了全面的实验室整合

Leica CEREBRO目前包括了真正的双向实验室信息系统(LIS)整合,用户可在最合适的位置添加或修改信息。通过实验室工作平台与中心LIS之间无缝分享重要信息,Leica CEREBRO提供了全面的整合,保证了病例资料始终保持完整性、最新性和准确性。

Leica CEREBRO强大的基于标本ID的条形码和身份追踪系统进一步提高了患者资料的安全性。简单明了的标签打印和关键点ID扫描帮助您将每一个标本与正确的患者安全对应起来,避免发生混淆的危险。强大的报告功能也能提高您的工作流效率,您可以通过此功能找到有待改善的部分,并追踪效率增益。

拥有Leica CEREBRO,您完全有信心在最短时间内得到正确的标本、进行正确的处理,并得出准确的诊断。





Improve Your Workflow

Improve your efficiency, waste less time on non value adding tasks, and use your resources for productive work. With flexibility and lab-wide integration, Leica CEREBRO provides accurate and timely information to help you make informed workflow decisions.

Protect Your Patients

Ensure you have the right patient and are performing the right procedure at the right time. Leica CEREBRO eliminates much manual data entry and creates a secure link between patient and specimen. With Leica CEREBRO, you can help each patient receive an accurate diagnosis in the fastest possible time.

Work Your Way

Leica CEREBRO is an open system with full bi-directional LIS integration that gives you the flexibility to manage your caseload your way. So tailor a complete solution that works for you today, and be confident that Leica CEREBRO will also adapt to new challenges tomorrow.

Streamline Repetitive Tasks