Leica RM CoolClamp Improved workflow and uniform paraffin sections

Improve the workflow at your microtome by using the RM CoolClamp, the electrically cooled universal cassette clamp for the HistoCore Rotary Microtomes.

Keep blocks cold longer and continuously cut uniform sections. The RM CoolClamp mounts easily to any HistoCore microtome and maintains blocks temperature at 20 °C below ambient. With each block held at the ideal temperature, you’ll find it a breeze to cut high-quality sections for routine, special and IHC/ISH staining.

Select a configuration



No re-cooling necessary after trimming

The energy efficient cooling device with air vent system allows specimen trimming and sectioning without time consuming specimen re-cooling prior to section collection. This allows to continuously cut uniform sections.

Remove the heat

The RM CoolClamp prevents fast heating up of the specimen during trimming and keeps it at 20 °C lower than the ambient temperature – e.g., at a room temperature of 20 °C the specimen is cooled to 0 °C.

Uniform sections – all day long

Uniform section quality and section thickness is the result of the controlled specimen temperature. The RM CoolClamp improves efficiency and versatility and is the ideal solution for modern high-productivity laboratories.

An ideal combination

All HistoCore Rotary Microtomes can be retrofitted with the RM CoolClamp without hand wheel modification.