Aperio ePathology Training

Aperio ePathology Training – Maximize your Digital Pathology Investment

Leica Biosystems offers a range of training options through our corporate training center. Whether you choose live online or on-demand training, or our extensive classroom-based training programs, we provide you with the tools you need to maximize your ePathology investment.

With flexible training programs to meet your needs, Leica Biosystems offers an excellent variety of product training and certification programs designed for Healthcare and Research professionals who want to develop their ePathology skills.

Onsite Training

With our onsite training option, you will receive a customized training plan that targets your needs. Onsite training allows you to maximize your budget by eliminating travel expenses for employees. Training can be scheduled to fit your time-frame and at a time and location that is convenient for your staff. To learn more or get an estimate for onsite training at the facility of your choice, contact us today at 760.539.1100.


“Aperio 致力于对其用户进行教育,投入程度远远超过了我共事过的任何其他技术型公司。其广泛的培训资料库易于访问和搜索。适合各级用户的在线培训既全面又灵活。作为一名系统管理员,这使我对这项技术有了更深入的了解,因此,我在圣地亚哥的 Aperio 工厂时,能够提出客户培训课程中真正重要的问题。

客户培训课程将最好地展示 Aperio 案例,并让您深入了解 Aperio 如何在数字病理学方面取得卓越成就。Aperio 的整个团队共同在一起工作,这意味着当您提出一个难题时,他们很快会给出答案。访问期间,我能够与来自 Aperio 团队的人员以及来自不同地区和领域的其他用户会面。汇集来自各行各业的各级用户,使我们能够分享我们的经验,获得新知识,并分享通过使用该系统所获得的技巧和窍门。我相信我在那段时间遇到的每一个人都在热情地帮助我理解这个系统,并且不遗余力,毫无保留。

Aperio 每天展示的专业水准和奉献精神值得任何公司羡慕。”

Danny Williams
Huntingdon Life Sciences

I can’t say “thank you” enough for the comprehensive training program. Even as an experienced user, I feel I obtained a good amount of new and useful information. The instructors were very clear and responsive to questions.

Instructor-Led Training