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Believe in the potential others see in you

Roseline Su joined the Leica Biosystems team as an Applications Specialist in 2016, working directly with customers to understand their needs. When she was offered an opportunity in a completely new department, she was hesitant at first. Learn how Roseline transformed her career.

“Believe in the potential others see in you.”

Early in my career I worked at research institutes as a scientific team member with a goal to better understand diseases like endometriosis and glaucoma. I enjoyed the work but, over time, realized I wanted to have a more direct impact on patients and do so with a purpose-driven company. In Leica Biosystems, I found what I was seeking.

In 2016 I joined LBS in the Singapore office as an Applications Specialist, working across Asia Pacific to understand customers’ needs, day-to-day pressures and how we can best serve them. My work in applications grew to encompass broader education and training, and my days were interesting and fulfilling.


An ‘aha’ moment. In 2019 the leaders of the Asia-Pacific region were strategizing how best to structure the business for near-term growth and long-term success. In the spirit of reinvention, my managers approached me about taking a role in Marketing for the imaging portfolio. I was hesitant to even consider the idea. I’m an Asian woman and, in my culture, it is typical to stay with what you know and already do well. Yet, there was something about my managers’ belief in me that sparked my interest and buoyed my confidence. I was also inspired by the many strong women working in LBS leadership roles. After much deliberation, I accepted a role to lead marketing of our advanced staining and imaging portfolios across the Asia-Pacific region.

Together, my managers and I set to work to create a transition plan. The plan included networking with Marketing subject matter experts in my time zone, across LBS and from other Danaher Operating Companies. These connections have proven central to my career evolution. I am humbled by and grateful for my colleagues’ willingness to embrace me as a Marketer and generously share experiences and advice. I look forward to doing so, in turn, to others who transition onto our team.

The take-away. My advice to others? Believe you are capable, try something completely different, and tap into the Danaher network to help you succeed. I’ve been a member of the Marketing team for a year and a half and am pleased I decided to try something new. Marketing is dynamic, there is never a dull moment and I enjoy the camaraderie I share with Danaher marketers worldwide. I also feel even closer to our customers, have gained a deeper understanding of the needs of our business and have a clearer view of the positive impact our products can make on patients’ lives. The significance of our work was underscored to me when my mother-in-law was diagnosed with breast cancer. As our family supported her on her journey to recovery, VISION24 resonated deeply in me; I saw how a confident diagnosis delivered quickly can make all the difference in the life of a patient and her family.

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