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Clifford Chapman

Clifford Chapman


Clifford Chapman is the Technical Specialist / Education Coordinator of Strata Pathology Services, Lexington, MA. His responsibilities include in house training of laboratory personnel, performing in services and competencies for laboratory staff, clinical mentoring of Harford Community College On Line Histology students, quality management of laboratory operations, supervisor of Immunohistochemistry and Molecular Laboratories. Cliff received his Master Degree in Botany from the University of Milwaukee, WI and his Bachelors in Biology from Lowell State College, Lowell, MA. Cliff has worked on publications including 'Histology Hardball: Solutions for Hard Tissue,' in Advance for Medical Laboratory Professionals.

Published Pieces by Clifford Chapman

Skin specimens received in the histology laboratory for dermatopathology are among the most difficult to handle successfully. The pathologist must be able to see the dermal-epidermal junction in each tissue section in order to make a diagnosis, thus every skin...

When was the last time that your pathologist brought you a slide of decalcified bone, and said it was the best she ever saw? Ever wonder why your PAS stain is not staining the basement membrane the way it should? These questions and 18 others will be discussed...