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Benefits Of Automation For Tissue-Based Research

What is covered in this eBook?



Immunohistochemistry ( IHC ) and in situ hybridization ( ISH ) are important techniques used in tissue-based translational research to detect proteins and genes of interest. When detecting key markers associated with disease in human tissue samples, it is important to identify potential biomarkers or novel therapeutic targets. Tissue conservation, reproducibility, and accuracy are important factors which automated staining and digital pathology can impact.

In this new and fully interactive eBook, we look at automated approaches to IHC and ISH and whole slide digitization, and how key considerations around flexibility, consistency, and processing speed can be adopted to accelerate research programs. These methods can take advantage of cutting-edge technology, such as the BOND RX fully automated research stainer and digital pathology scanners from Leica Biosystems. With step-by-step guidance and top tips on implementing and validating automated systems, this eBook will provide key considerations to help you through the process.

  • Chapter 1: Research workflow automation: stain, scan, and analyze
  • Chapter 2: Automation to accelerate research programs
  • Chapter 3: Automation in practice: Webinars and case studies
  • Chapter 4: Product Highlights

Sample pages

chapter 4

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures. 

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