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CEREBRO Workflow Management System

Achieve Operational Excellence Across Both Histology And Cytology Areas Of Your Lab

CEREBRO is an integrated specimen identification, tracking, and workflow management system designed specifically to meet the patient safety, productivity, and adaptability needs of each individual anatomic pathology laboratory - because every lab is different.

Patient Safety

Don’t let identification errors lead to patient misdiagnosis. CEREBRO is a specimen tracking and workflow management system implementing a documented chain of custody. Now, you can go home at the end of each day confident that the correct slides will reach the pathologist for diagnosis.


Mistakes are costly. CEREBRO identifies potential errors as they happen, allowing them to be resolved quickly without compromising patient safety. CEREBRO also supports lab growth and controls expenditures by providing real-time information to make data driven decisions about costs, resources and throughput.

Superior Adaptability

Give your lab an advantage. CEREBRO dashboards provide real-time workflow status to help you effectively allocated people where they are most needed. CEREBRO also allows you to use your preferred instruments and can integrate with Leica Biosystems and non-Leica Biosystems instruments and IT systems.

Contattaci per avere un preventivo.


CEREBRO-ID – For effortless printing

CEREBRO-ID is a simple, yet comprehensive printing solution. It is purpose-built for printing barcodes on labels or directly onto slides and cassettes. It connects to your Laboratory Information System (LIS) as well as instruments.

Start your journey with CEREBRO-ID, then upgrade to more powerful lab automation applications in the CEREBRO suite when you’re ready.


CEREBRO-ID+ – For on-demand printing

  • Move from batch to on-demand printing via a simple addition of CEREBRO-ID+ workstations wherever you need on-demand printing (e.g. microtome).
  • Have as many, or as few, CEREBRO-ID+ workstations as you need. CEREBRO-ID+ can grow with you, every step of the way.

CEREBRO-TRACK – Know the Status of Any Slide, Any Time

Adding tracking capability is a natural progression from the ID or ID+ printing solution. CEREBRO-TRACK creates a complete specimen audit trail that can be viewed at any time.

Continue to leverage your investment in ID or ID+ and use your existing workstations for printing. But now, they will also store the tracking information - no need to collect it manually. Additional workstations can be placed wherever you need to track specimen processing.


CEREBRO-COMMAND – The Ability to Drive Efficiency and Patient Safety

CEREBRO-COMMAND is a full-featured specimen identification, tracking, and workflow management system for histology and cytology. It adds specimen identification safety checks and workflow management features on top of all functionality inherited from ID, ID+, and TRACK versions.

CEREBRO-COMMAND alerts users if steps are missed or cassettes or slides are lost. It safeguards transcription steps at grossing and sectioning, confirming that the tissue ends up in the correct cassettes and slides.

The data collected with each barcode scan can be used to generate dashboards and reports that show key performance indicators, work pending for any step, and urgent work. Collection and delivery of statistics can be automated with scheduled reports.


Product Features


  • Cassette, slide and label printing
  • Works with Leica Biosystems or 3rd party printers
  • Connects your LIS to pathology printers
  • Label designer is included
  • User-definable shortcuts and lists for fast data entry
  • Connects to lab instruments (e.g., BOND stainers)
  • Secure access and encrypted data storage


In addition to the CEREBRO-ID features, CEREBRO-ID+ offers:

  • On-demand printing wherever it is needed
  • Initiate on-demand printing of cassettes and slides or slide labels simply by scanning a barcode on the specimen jar or cassette
  • Combine in-advance printing with on-demand printing (e.g, cassettes and slides)
  • Server functionality via Accessioning client for sharing data, centralized data storage, and easy administration

CEREBRO-ID and ID+ Printing Solutions can also be used to connect your other Leica Biosystems instruments. You can connect the BOND stainers to the image management software and slide scanners using CEREBRO as the middleware between the systems.



In addition to all CEREBRO-ID and ID+ features, CEREBRO-TRACK offers:

  • Purpose-built workstations for tracking accessioning, grossing, tissue processing, embedding, sectioning, case assembly (send-out)
  • Generic tracking station for tracking specimen archival and workflow deviations, e.g., decalcification step
  • Web-based reports and dashboards to display case item-specific audit trail and tracking information
  • The Case History tab is available in all workstations showing a detailed audit trail for specific case items
  • Report and dashboard designer available for ad-hoc reporting needs


In addition to the full suite of CEREBRO-ID, ID+, and TRACK features, CEREBRO-COMMAND offers:

  • Step-specific counters indicating remaining work, e.g., slides ordered and slides already sectioned
  • Active step-specific missing work warnings, e.g., if all slides have NOT been sectioned
  • Integrity check at grossing and sectioning alerting if a wrong slide or cassette is scanned
  • Screen for each workflow step and workstation to show pending work
  • Reports and dashboards for showing pending and completed work
  • Turnaround-time reports and dashboards