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[Discontinued] Leica EG F Electric Heatable Forceps for Safe Transfer of Tissue Specimens

This Item has been discontinued
Replaced by Embedding Centers

The Leica EG F electric heatable forceps are designed for easy and safe transfer of tissue specimens during paraffin embedding.

The heated tips of the forceps help prevent tissue from sticking to the tips and support convenient transfer of the specimen into the mold.

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Adjustable forceps temperature

The forceps temperature is adjustable to accommodate the different melting points of waxes, from 55°C to 70°C in 1°C steps, helping to avoid sticky forceps tips.

Convenient embedding

The ergonomically designed, heat insulated forceps support comfortable embedding.

Forceps holder

The Leica EG F consists of the control unit, forceps and forceps holder to avoid contact of the cable with the hot working surface and wax.