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BOND-PRIME Discovery Hub

BOND IHC-ISH Instruments & Solutions

A Proven Family of Automated Stainers

Every BOND system is designed to address daily challenges and advance the practice of pathology. Whether focused on patient care or dedicated to discovery, pathologists and laboratory professionals worldwide depend on automated BOND staining systems.

Consistently Rapid, High Quality Stains

Speed matters when delivering a complete case for diagnosis or multiplexing for biomarker discovery. Patented Covertile technology embedded in all BOND systems delivers consistent staining while maintaining the integrity of delicate samples and minimizing the amount of reagents needed.


Coupled with the ability to produce high quality, crisp, clear staining with an average IHC slide TAT of 95 minutes, the BOND-PRIME staining platform lets you transcend expectations for quality, timeliness, and diagnostic productivity.

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With an average IHC staining time of only 2.5 hours, the BOND-III IHC/ISH staining system delivers diagnostic speed, quality, and efficiency to get complete cases to pathologists sooner.

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The BOND-MAX clinical staining system delivers the high-quality IHC and ISH slides you can expect from a BOND instrument, in a compact, benchtop format.  Ideal for lower throughput laboratories.

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Control up to 30 BOND instruments through an enterprise-level, secure, centralized system to maximize staining capacity utilization and share reagents and protocols across stainers. 

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The BOND RX high-throughput research stainer delivers speed and flexibility for IHC, ISH, and multiplexing staining with either chromogenic or fluorescence markers.

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Deliver reproducible, quality slides and eliminate time spent on manual staining with the BOND RXm fully automated benchtop stainer for IHC, ISH, and emerging tests.  

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For high-volume life science laboratories, network up to 30 BOND research stainers through a single, cyber-secure system to share protocols, reagents, and information across your staining instruments. 

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Educational Resources

Immunohistochemistry: An Overview + Steps to Better IHC Staining

Immunohistochemistry (IHC) is used in histology to detect the presence of a specific protein marker that can assist with accurate tumor classification and diagnosis. This guide illustrates the basic steps used to create an IHC stain.

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Optimization of Staff and Equipment to Boost Throughput

The Leica Biosystems Process and Solutions Optimization team has partnered with a major academic facility within an Integrated Network to examine how to optimize staffing and equipment in their immunohistochemistry lab.

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Case Base Versus Single Piece IHC Workflows Evaluated in a Large Reference Laboratory

By eliminating manual sorting, counterstaining, and slide rinsing with System 2’s case-based approach, appropriate instrumentation utilization can yield substantial improvements in time savings.

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