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HistoCore PEGASUS Tissue Processor


Marketing Notification Number for Medical Device 13B2X10268PEGA00
Brand Name PEGASUS

Parallel Processing - No Compromises on Tissue Quality

Give every tissue type and size the treatment it deserves. Establish a workflow that meets the demands of your laboratory without compromises on tissue quality.
The HistoCore PEGASUS tissue processor enables you to run multiple protocols in parallel on a single instrument, ensuring optimal conditions for all tissue types without slowing down your laboratory.

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For In-Vitro Diagnostic Use

Product Features

Don’t Compromise On Tissue Quality

Biopsies, large, or fatty specimens; different tissues need different treatments. The HistoCore PEGASUS tissue processor gives you the flexibility to run parallel protocols on a single instrument. Process up to 400 samples simultaneously, increasing your capacity by 33% per run compared to a typical 300 cassettes single-retort tissue processor.

Pegasus dual

Deliver Results. Consistently

Pre-installed validated protocols give you the flexibility to process different tissue types with consistent quality.

pegasus protocols

Reagent Management Made Easy

Easy access to run protocols gives you control over your tissue processing reports while reducing manual documentation.

pegasus reagent

Optimize Your Workflow with Leica Paraffin

Use Leica Paraffin with your HistoCore Pegasus tissue processor to further improve your workflow. PEGASUS Parablock paraffin melts 22% faster than pellets. Additionally, you get:

  • No Spills – solid blocks prevent spills from messy pellets
  • Easy Loading – Pegasus  Parablocks  X-tra™ create a smart safe and easy-to-handle paraffin-related workflow
  • Walk Away – load 4-blocks into Pegasus chambers and walk away. No need to top off paraffin.
Pegasus Parablocks

Maximize Your Processing with ActivFlo Cassettes

  • Efficient Reagent Flow - Leica developed “Fluidic Flow” lateral vent and pore design maximizes reagent exchange
  • System Performance -  ActivFlo  Routine, Biopsy and Mini Biopsy cassettes are validated on Leica tissue processors
  • Easy Snap - Frangible hinge for lid removal
  • Effortless Loading - Stacked and taped configuration allows for quick and easy printer set up
  • Available in 11 colors
pegasus activflo

Preferred tissue processing reagents

Our preferred tissue processing reagents will help you take the tissue through your preanalytical workflow stages.
Broad product offering: Alcohols, Solvents, and Fixatives available in multiple packaging options
Reduce Errors: Color-coded labeling simplifies visualization of reagents and reduces reagent mix-ups
Greener alternatives: Process Tissue with Safer Reagents alternatives by substituting xylene with Sub-X or Clearene. Or switch to xylene-free processing with isopropanol (IPA).

pegasus ragent1

Product Specifications


Dimensions (W x D x H): 804 x 715 x 1533 mm
Weight (Instrument Only) : 235 kg
Weight (Including Reagents) : 315 kg
Number of reagent containers 17 reagent bottles, 1 condensate bottle
Maximum bottle volume : Max. 3.88 L
Number of paraffin baths : 4
Capacity : Max. 3.9 L per paraffin bath
Melting time : max. 7 hours an ambient temperature of 23°C-25°C
Temperature settings range : Paraffin Melting Point setting: 50°C-65°C
Standby temperature setting : Paraffin Melting Point +2°C and max. 71°C
Capacity : max. 2x200 cassettes
Temperature (paraffin) : Paraffin temperature selectable from 58°C to 85°C
Temperature (processing reagents) : Ambient temperature or 35°C-65°C
Temperature (cleaning reagents) : 35°C -85°C
Filling vacuum : -60 kPa
Draining pressure : 45 kPa


Operating Voltage: 100-120VAC/220-240VAC
Mains Frequency  50/60Hz
Power Consumption : 100-120VAC 15A Max; 220-240VAC 10A Max
Local/remote alarm relay : 30V DC, maximum 1A