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Kreatech FISH Probes

Kreatech FISH Probes are the latest advancement in DNA in situ hybridization. The probes are constructed using the REPEAT-FREE* technology that is based on subtractive hybridization, which specifically removes all repetitive elements from the probe that are dispersed throughout the target area of interest. Eliminating these repeat sequences leads to more specific binding kinetics and makes the need for blocking DNA obsolete.

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This technology is based on a proprietary subtractive hybridization specifically removing all repetitive elements which are dispersed throughout the human genome. Eliminating these repeat sequences leads to a more specific binding kinetics and makes the need to use Cot1 DNA for pre-annealing obsolete. This results in brighter probes and decreased background yielding enhanced signal-to-noise ratio.


By combining the advanced performance of REPEAT-FREE technology with Kreatech Diagnostics proprietary ULS labeling method, Kreatech™ probes offer the next generation of FISH probe performance by eliminating the repeat sequences. In addition, our DNA probes are labeled with Kreatech’s proprietary ULS™ linkage system leading to a very homogenous and consistent labeling of fluorescent dyes.


Through collaborations with leading institutions world-wide, we are continuously expanding our Kreatech FISH Probe range of more than 400 products. Kreatech is committed to providing an ever expanding menu that reflects the latest in scientific innovation as well as customer needs. Custom probes are available upon request.

2020 IHC & ISH Product Catalog

We are pleased to make the 2020 Leica Biosystems  IHC and ISH catalog available for you in electronic format.

The catalog includes:

  • The complete Advanced Staining range
  • Over 400 Novocastra Antibodies
  • Over 1200 Kreatech FISH Probes
  • All BOND Detection, Ancillaries and Consumables
  • Easy to use clone, probe and product indexes
  • BOND and ThermoBrite Instrument ranges

If you require any specialist help when selecting the product that is right for you, please request more information online, or contact your local Leica Biosystems representative.