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150+ years tackling pathology challenges head on, from better slide production to world-leading Digital Pathology empowering AI development. Our passionate experts drive our mission of Advancing Cancer Diagnostics, Improving Lives.

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Introducing BOND-PRIME, New IHC & ISH Staining System

The new BOND-PRIME staining system featuring Universal Access, delivers high productivity and can seamlessly adapt to your incoming workflow demands effortlessly – whether it be batch, continuous, single slide/STAT cases, or a combination of all the above.


Integrated Solutions. Proven Performance. Reliable Results.

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Leica Biosystems Acquires Cell IDx

Cell IDx, a Leica Biosystems Company: United In Creating Next-Generation Tissue-Based Diagnostics

Cell IDx and Leica Biosystems combine expertise to deliver high-throughput UltraPlex Fluorescent and Chromogenic multiplex biomarker tissue profiling

Find Breakthroughs Faster

Explore Our Fully Automated BOND IHC & ISH Stainer Solutions

Workflow is key topic for each laboratory

Given each laboratory is unique, and each day is full of surprises, it is important to find the right stainer to fit your laboratory needs. Each BOND stainer provides a differentiated workflow solution thereby enabling your laboratory needs.

For In Vitro Diagnostic Use

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Fully Automated Novocastra IHC and Kreatech FISH probes for BOND

How to do more with one stainer

Behind every sample in your laboratory there is patient who needs answers. They rely on the quality of results for an accurate diagnosis. They depend on your efficiency to avoid delays. Leica Biosystems delivers a range of solutions to meet your laboratory needs.

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