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Embrace the Unexpected

by Connie Hinchliffe, Technical Product Manager

Prior to joining Leica Biosystems, I worked at mission-driven healthcare companies that valued my skills in design and engineering but didn’t prioritize my professional development in a meaningful way. When I joined LBS I was amazed that my manager encouraged me to pursue a robust learning plan to support my existing role and even prepare for future job opportunities. Embracing continuous learning has benefited me in ways I never expected, professionally and personally.


An ‘aha’ moment. Early in my LBS career I worked in Quality and Regulatory Affairs and was charged with introducing a new Process Validation procedure. As I planned the roll out, my manager and I realized a change management-based approach was central to success. The challenge? I had no training in change management.

My manager didn’t hesitate. Rather, she identified a subject matter expert for coaching, supported my learning plan, and helped me apply those skills to that project and my daily work. That experience, and others since, increased my capabilities and expanded my perspective on what it means to be a change agent and to harness the talents of others to enable transformation at scale.

As a result, I gained the confidence to pivot my career -- I now work in Technical Product Management. Even in this new role, I have found the change management skills I learned invaluable. Currently, my colleagues and I are working on a project under a tight deadline to ensure a new product is delivered on time. Thanks to my Danaher Business System toolkit and Change Management certification, I can effectively navigate bottlenecks and build teams to support my project objectives.

Making the move into Technical Product Management at this point in my career was a big step and required a lot of self-trust. Ultimately, it was a great decision. I’m excited to be in a position to help colleagues identify ways to grow that support their success now, and well into the future.

The take-away. The work we do at LBS is complex and you may find yourself ‘dropped in the deep end’ needing to do things you’ve never done before. My advice? Be open to growing. Chase your own learning plan. Collect skills rather than job titles. Your willingness to ‘step out of your lane’ is encouraged and rewarded with interesting projects and opportunities that will add dimension to your career and your life.

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