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YunLu Zou , PhD, Technical Lead Engineer – Optical Systems at Leica Biosystems
Lance Mikus , MBA, Director of Product Management - Image Capture Systems at Leica Biosystems


徕卡生物系统的12个研发中心遍及全球,我们一直保持不断创新。在过去几年里,我们病理成像部的数字病理工程师已经探索了许多不同的方法来实现在40倍倍率下的超高速线性扫描。我们的工程师在不同技术之间进行评估,有些技术比另一些技术更有前途。但是在工程师团队采取一种新的方法来实现实时对焦(Real Time Focusing [RTF])后,才实现了真正的突破。徕卡生物系统为这种新颖的方法申请了专利(美国专利局专利号 #9,841,590)。

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RTF 如何工作


RTF 解决的问题——为大规模数字化病理提供可能


我们观察到的一个常见问题是:当前数字病理产品的扫描速度在40倍放大倍率下不够快,不足以满足病理实验室高通量扫描(每年超过120,000张)的需求。由此产生的问题是高片量实验室中数字病理学的应用已经被勉强局限于只针对一种或两种器官(如乳腺或前列腺样本)进行数字化扫描。RTF 提供了解决这一问题的可能性。通过采用 RTF,可以在 40 倍倍率下实现极快的扫描速度,同时保持对组织样本的极佳对焦。因此,为解剖病理学实验室提供了将高速扫描与大批量切片制作相结合的机会。这样做的主要的优势是能够显著扩大数字病理学规模。徕卡生物系统的工程师正在进行更深入的研究来评估这项技术,但展望前景,一片光明!


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About the presenters

YunLu Zou, PhD, Technical Lead Engineer – Optical Systems at Leica Biosystems

Mr. Yunlu Zou is Technical Lead Engineer, Optical Systems at Leica Biosystems, where he oversees optical system design/integration/testing, and manufacturing process development in whole slide imaging scanners for pathology applications. He holds BS in physics, MS in engineering physics, and Ph.D. in industrial engineering specialized in optics. Dr. Zou is the author of more than 30 publications in peer-reviewed scientific journals and conference proceedings. He holds several patents and a company trade secret.

Lance Mikus, MBA, Director of Product Management - Image Capture Systems at Leica Biosystems

Lance Mikus is the Director of Product Management for the Imaging Solutions Business at Leica Biosystems (Vista, Ca) where he leads a commercial team focused on delivering innovative digital pathology workflow solutions. Mr. Mikus earned his bachelor’s degree from UCLA. He worked as a scientist and lab manager at the UW-Madison Medical School, resulting in several publications, and went on to earn an MBA focused on Entrepreneurship and Marketing from the UW-Madison School of Business. Mr. Mikus has 17 years of commercial operations experience in the healthcare industry. He also holds a green belt in six sigma quality practices, is a certified practitioner in launch excellence and has been awarded 5 patents.