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The Mohs series will present relevant topics to today's laboratorians practicing Mohs surgeries. This introductory article is the first of the series and will describe steps for practicing surgeries. The second and third series will provide thoughts on setting up a new laboratory and tips for completing a Mohs laboratory inspection.

Download this guide for best practices when planning to integrate digital pathology in the laboratory. The Interoperability Framework applies a 5-layer model connecting organizational strategies, processes, information, application, and IT infrastructure.

For routine diagnosis, the use of Hematoxylin and Eosin (H&E) is by far preferred for viewing cellular and tissue structure detail by pathologists. 

Though the H&E stain is a relatively simple stain to perform, there are a variety of artifacts that can interfere with a good stain. Artifacts can be attributed to a variety of causes.

Mucins are a part of a complex group called carbohydrates. Mucins are mucopolysaccharides; they are important in cell growth as they help regulate the flow of nutrients between capillaries and cells and are known as “The Glue of Life”.

肌营养不良是一种遗传性疾病,其特征为进行性无力和控制运动的骨骼肌变性。 在某些形式的肌营养不良中,心脏肌肉和某些其他不自主肌肉也受累。 

A discussion on the techniques used for removing mineral from bone, or other calcified tissue, so that high-quality paraffin sections can be prepared.

在固定和固定剂系列的第四部分,我们介绍了过去 100 年来在组织学中一直使用的许多常用和传统固定溶液中的某些固定溶液。这部分还概述了专有溶液,并提供有关如何针对您的应用选择正确固定剂的建议。