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Leica Brain Blocker One Stereotaxic myneurolab

Leica Brain Blocker One Gelatin Encasement for Sectioning Brain

Mouse Brain Gel Encasement Series
Mouse Brain Gel Encasement Series

These are gel blocks, left and right half, with an internal cavity cast originally around an actual mouse brain. They will perfectly encase a fresh or fixed mouse brain dropped into them. The brain cavity is in stereotaxic orientation, top surface of the gel parallel to skull flat.

The entire gel block can be frozen and sectioned. The cyrostat pedestal need never be readjusted from parallel to the blade plane of motion, and every brain will come out sectioned in the same plane as the atlas.

Multiple blocks can be frozen and then positioned on a large pedestal together. Each pass of the cryostat knife than takes the same section, and in the same orientation, from every brain included on the pedestal. Such large sets of sections can be transferred intact from the blade to the slide using our Cryo Jane Tape Transfer system, standard or Macro. Up to 24 brains can be sectioned with each pass of the knife using a whole body cryostat and macro tape transfer system. Resulting slides are much easier to analyze under the microscope, the same section from every brain is on one slide.

The gels will come in packages of a dozen pairs, slighly dehydrated. Soak in water, saline, or buffer for from 1 to 4 hours to fit fresh adult brains. Less for shrunk or younger brains, longer for older animals, soaking time increases size and enables adjustment in the size and the fit to perfectly accommodate your animal's brains.

For the summer months, low melting point requires us to ship these packed on cold packs, and overnight.