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Brain Punches Stereotaxic myneurolab

Brain Punches Collect Precise Volume Tissue Samples w/

Set of 5 Punches and Handle for Tissue Collection
Set of 5 Punches and Handle for Tissue Collection

The Brain Punch Tissue Set is used for the Palkovits Punch technique, which allows extraction of minute amounts of brain tissue from exact locations in the brain.  A hypodermic  tube with a sharp rim is pressed onto a frozen section on a glass slide.  The tissue under the hole is freed and pulls away with the punch.  It can then be expelled from the punch with the spring loaded expeller by pressing the top of the punch.

The Brain Punch Tissue Set comes with five color coded punches with spring loaded nylon expellers, and an aluminum handle.  The handle is curved and tapered to minimize visual obstruction and offers  perpendicular maximum punch pressure.

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Punches with Expeller

Stainless steel punches with nylon expeller to easily remove the tissue sample

Ergonomic Handle

Bent Handle for ease of control when punching.

Set of 5 Punch Sizes

Comes with 5 sizes of punch, nominally

0.23 mm: Blue Punch
0.51 mm: Green Punch
0.74 mm: Yellow Punch
0.96 mm: Red Punch
1.22 mm: Black Punch


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39443001 Brain Punch Tissue Set 1 Piece