Ariol Capture

Ariol Brightfield, fluorescence and FISH scanner. High versatility, 4, 8 or 200 slide capacity with image analysis options.

Clinical IHC and FISH capture & analysis

The complete ePathology capture & analysis platform

The Ariol system, based on the Leica DM6000 B microscope, is the ultimate scalable platform for brightfield, fluorescence and FISH slide scanning and analysis.  World renowned Leica objectives and precision Z-stack capture capabilities, enable the successful digitization of even the most demanding samples.

Ariol combines excellent image capture with quantitative clinical breast panel analysis of Her-2/neu, ER/PR and Her-2/neu FISH. Its unrivalled FISH workflow and image quality on tissue, cells or TMAs, brings FISH review out of the dark room and drastically reduces processing time.

The availability of Ariol® is restricted to special countries and clearly differentiated between diagnostic and research use. Please check Intended Use document for details.