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Flexible Drive Shaft Drill
Flexible Drive Shaft Drill

The Flexible Shaft Drill with Hanging Motor, also available as 220 Volt Model, features a general purpose motor, footpedal, handpiece and flexible shaft most appropriate for use with bone material. The motor runs at 18,000 rpm on permanently lubricated ball bearings and fan-cooled armature. The motors are configured to hang above the work area. It includes a Collet for a 3/32 inch shaft size and fits common dental drill bits. A hanger bracket is not included, however can be purchased separately. The Flexible Shaft Drill requires no maintenance.


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39416001 Flexible Shaft Drill Hanging Motor 1 Piece
39416003 Flexible Shaft Drill Hanging Motor-220V 1 Piece
39416014 Motor and Handpiece Support. 1 Piece