Kit sensorial de teste de toque Stereotaxic myneurolab

Kit sensorial de teste de toque Cutaneous Sensitivity in Clinical Ranges w/

Touch Test Kit of 20 Tactile Sensitivity Probes
Touch Test Kit of 20 Tactile Sensitivity Probes

The Touch Test Sensory Evaluator Kit is used for diagnosing pathologies of crude touch sensation in humans or animals. Rats may be used because of the paw withdrawal reflex. The kit follows the Von Frey concept, which is based on the principle that a hair pressed against the skin with increasing proximity will increase in force applied until it bends, and no more. After that, the force is fairly constant or declines.

This physical fact is used to make a stimulator that can be hand applied, yet delivers a consistent and reproducible force. The force applied is a property of the hair thickness and material composition. The kit includes 20 hairs of graded sizes, with known cliinical significance.

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May be Used on Animals or Humans

Long standing clinical use and FDA registration

Paw Withdrawal Reflex Reveals Animal Response

Animals signal detection of the probe touching plantar surface by prompt paw withdrawl.

Kit of 20 Probes

Logarithmic series of probe intensities show linear detection responses.


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