Pattern Recognition – Morphology & Tissue Microarray Analysis Identification Tools

Aperio Image Analysis provides tools to automate tissue identification tasks that would otherwise require time-consuming manual work. Use annotations and templates to flexibly guide automated recognition of histological features or TMA spots, improving identification accuracy and reducing manual intervention.

Aperio Digital Pathology Image Analysis Pattern Recognition


Aperio GENIE
Use histological features to automatically distinguish and identify tissue of interest (e.g. tumor) across a whole brightfield or fluorescent slide.
Aperio TMALab
Segment brightfield or fluorescent TMA slides with a re-usable template, to easily and consistently identify, view and manage individual TMA spots.

More products

Fully Automated Research Stainer
Aperio AT2
400 slide capacity, brightfield scanner. High throughput with small footprint. 2x3 slide option available.
Aperio VERSA
Brightfield, Fluorescence & FISH Digital Pathology Scanner

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