Aperio Color Deconvolution Algorithm – Separate & Quantify IHC Stains

Aperio Color Deconvolution Algorithm

The Aperio Color Deconvolution Algorithm separates a stained tissue image into multiple (up to 3) color channels, corresponding to the actual colors of the stains used. This enables the user to accurately measure the area and intensity of each stain across the tissue, even when the stains are superimposed at the same location.

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Attuned to your samples

Calibrate the Aperio Color Deconvolution Algorithm to identify your exact staining colors for up to 3 chromogens in tissue. Precise color values can be easily captured through the algorithm workflow, ensuring your analysis is adapted to your stains.

See your staining differently

Choose a deconvolution mark-up to view how an individual chromogen looks when separated from the rest of the staining. Or select the intensity range mask to visualize the pattern of expression for your stain, based on user-defined intensity thresholds.

Data you can rely on

Results are standardized and reproducible, so you can be confident that you are seeing the real data in your samples. Detailed outputs include area of different staining intensities, histoscore, and optical density of color components in each stain.

Start small or think big

Aperio Color Deconvolution Algorithm can be deployed on Aperio Image Analysis Workstation, for individual researchers or small labs looking for an affordable entry-level solution. Or choose Aperio eSlide Manager for high-throughput, server-based analysis.

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