Mouse FISH Probes - a New Development

New applications for mouse molecular cytogenetics are becoming apparent. Such applications include the definition of transgene integration sites in epigenetics studies, the characterization of the mouse genome as a result of increasingly sophisticated techniques for its engineering and the screening for cytogenetic abnormalities in cell lines, such as embryonic stem cells. FISH mapping in mouse is complicated by the relative difficulty of mouse chromosome identification (karyotyping) by laboratories that are not accustomed to mouse chromosome banding techniques. Fluorescent karyotyping can be made easier by the use of counterstains or multiple reference probes but each approach needs specialized equipment and experience. 

As an example, Kreatech is pleased to offer you our custom made Mouse FISH probes which have been developed in 2007 for a pharmacological project. Kreatech recently developed three Mouse Region Specific probes prepared from defined BAC clones and are labeled with PlatinumBright™ dyes.

These Mouse probes are used to develop model systems for studies in the fields of genetics, mutagenesis, developmental cancer biology and also as human surrogates for studying the effects of genotoxic agents.

"Our REPEAT-FREE™ Mouse Chromosome RUO Probes in the table below are provided in a 100 µl, 10-test, ready-to-use format".

RUO - For Research Use Only