BCL2 (18q21) Distal - XL [ASR] KREATECH

BCL2 (18q21) Distal - XL [ASR]

BCL2 (18q21) Distal - XL [ASR]

Introduction: The BCL2 (18q21) Distal - XL FISH ASR* probe is optimized to detect the genomic region distal to the BCL2 breakpoint(s) at 18q21.

Critical region (red): The BCL2 (18q21) Distal - XL FISH ASR* probe is direct-labeled with PlatinumBright 550.

Catalog Number: 18Q004V550

* Analyte Specific Reagents-Analytical and performance characteristics are not established

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Código Nome Datasheet MSDS Qtd.
18Q004V550 BCL2 (18q21) Distal - XL Red 1ml 10x Info MSDS