DM2000, DM2000 LED and DM4 B are perfect Immunofluorescence (IF) and manual FISH capture workstations for diagnostics/prognostics.

Fluorescence Microscopy: Choose the microscope you need for routine fluorescence applications.

Select the DM2000 & 2000 LED system microscopes.

Select the DM4 B automated upright microscope system.


DM2000 & DM2000 LED

Advanced design, LED or 30W halogen illumination; full range of contrasting techniques.



Advanced automated design, LED illumination; full range of contrasting techniques.

Software capabilities

2D Analysis – Easy versatile wizard for 2D analysis of multi-dimensional datasets Workflow oriented design for maximum ease of use, enabling even novices to become productive with little training effort.

Select the DFC3000 G digital imaging camera for routine fluorescence documentation.

Select the DFC450 C digital camera routine fluorescence imaging.

DFC3000 G

Monochrome cooled 1.3MPixel CCD digital camera. USB 3.0; compatible with LAS/LAS-AF.

DFC450 C

Color cooled 5MPixel CCD digital camera. Firewire-B; compatible with LAS/LAS-AF; TWAIN interface.