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Multiplex fluorescence immunohistochemistry using the Ultivue InSituPlex platform on the Leica Biosystems BOND RX


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Multiplex fluorescence immunohistochemistry offers a window into the biology of human disease, enabling the analysis of target protein expression in subsets of specific cells within the context of histopathological features of disease. However, the multiplexing capabilities of fluorescence IHC, using standard histology equipment, are subject to several technical challenges. This webinar will provide insight and examples of how the Ultivue InSituplex platform may be used to address several of the current challenges associated with multiplex fluorescence immunohistochemistry. It will focus on initial user experiences using the InSituPlex platform using automated IHC on the Leica Biosystems BOND RX and automated imaging with the Leica Biosystems Aperio Versa.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understanding technical challenges associated with tyramide-based multiplex fluorescence IHC.
  • What tools are available today for mulitplex?



Traci DeGeer

Global Product and Innovation Manager-BOND RX Leica Biosystems


Alexander Klimowicz

Principal Scientist, Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals