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For High-Volume Pathology Labs, HistoCore SPECTRA Workstation Delivers Immediately Dry Slides atFaster TurnaroundTimes


Integrating revolutionary technology from Leica Biosystems offers exceptionally high throughput and consistent staining quality to enhance efficiency and diagnostic confidence.

NUSSLOCH, GERMANY, 10 SEPTEMBER, 2018. Leica Biosystems, the cancer diagnostics company, today announced the global launch of the HistoCore SPECTRA Workstation, which integrates the HistoCore SPECTRA ST stainer with the new HistoCore SPECTRA CV coverslipper, for an all-in-one platform that enhances efficiency and diagnostic confidence for large-volume pathology labs by delivering exceptionally high throughput and consistentstaining quality.

“For consistency, efficiency and quality, we turned to the HistoCoreSpectra Workstation,” said Christopher Hospidales, Manager, Anatomic Pathology, Wisconsin Diagnostic Laboratories. “The HistoCore SPECTRA Workstation helps us to consistently provide the highest quality slides to our pathologist. It is important to know the staining quality of the first slide will be the very same on the 1600th slide. It provides a level of confidence that we did not fully experience before.”

The HistoCore SPECTRA workstation is the first and only workstation with dual-glass coverslip lines, enabling the highest throughput of up to 570 dried slides per hour. The integrated coverslipper oven delivers unmatched glass-slide drying times of just 5-minutes providing immediately dry slides to pathologists for quicker diagnosis.

Lab managers appreciate the flexibility to run multiple protocols in parallel by processing H&E and special stains simultaneously, increasing efficiency by 20 percent compared to other platforms. RFID tracking of consumables further supports easy-to-manage staining.

“The next-generation HistoCore SPECTRA workstation is an innovative solution that standardizes several steps in the staining and coverslipping process for faster turnaround times and produces high-quality slides required by the pathologist,” said Peter Reimer, PhD, Vice President Core Histology, Leica Biosystems. “This integrated system features unique coverslipper technology that streamlines the histology process, supporting pathology labs that are challenged to meet the demands of increased workloads.”

Several advanced features reduce hands-on time for Histotechs, helping prevent errors. RFID technology facilitatescoverslipperautostart and displays the number of slides left to coverslip until exhaustion; the reagent management system’s proprietary fill-level scan system ensures stain reproducibility; and the unique color-coded rack application starts individual protocols automatically when racks are inserted. Additionally, the coverslipper’s unique broken-glass detector sensor removes and transfers broken coverslips for improved safety.

“With these ground-breaking advances, the HistoCore SPECTRA Workstation promises to enhance the quality, the safety and the speed at which labs deliver diagnosable glass-coverslipped slides in today’s demanding environment,” said Reimer.

About Leica Biosystems Leica Biosystems is a global leader in cancer diagnostics with the most comprehensive portfolio from biopsy to diagnosis. We are committed to delivering Accuracy, Quality and Workflow Efficiencies to help advance diagnostic confidence.

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The HistoCore SPECTRAWorkstation is the firstand only workstationwith dual glass coversliplines, enabling the highestthroughput of up to 570dried slides per hour, tomeet the most demandingturnaround times.