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For Breast Biopsies, MammoPort Standardizes Tissue Transfer from Radiology to Pathology to Ensure Quality and Reduce Errors


New from Leica Biosystems, first integrated specimen containment and transport system promises to enhance efficiency and diagnostic confidence.

RICHMOND, Ill.— October 2, 2018 — Leica Biosystems, the leader in cancer diagnostics from biopsy to diagnosis, today announced the U.S. launch of MammoPort, the first integrated specimen containment and transport system for breast tissue biopsies, which average 1.6 million a year in the United States alone.

“Mammoport is the only tissue containment system which unites Pathology and Radiology colleagues in their common desire for maintaining tissue integrity throughout the entire radiological tissue acquisition to the pathologic diagnostic process,” says Dr. Darius R. Gilvydis, MD, an internationally renowned Breast Imaging Specialist.

Integrated Solution for Safety and Efficiency. With medical errors representing a leading cause of death, experts recommend developing consensus protocols that streamline the delivery of medicine and reduce variability to improve quality and lower costs in health care. By integrating MammoPort with Mammotome revolve breast biopsy device, for the first time the tissue containment and transport system is standardized, minimizing the potential for error and tissue damage.

“By standardizing the process of transferring breast biopsy tissue from the radiology suite to the pathology lab, MammoPort maintains the quality of core specimens,” said Peter Reimer, Vice President of Core Histology at Leica Biosystems. “This integrated containment and transport system—the first of its kind—sets a new standard of quality for transferring tissue to ensure an efficient and confident diagnosis by the pathologist.”

Eliminate Manual Handling of Tissue. Current breast biopsy methods require over 300 different processing steps and 14 interdepartmental handoffs, resulting in an increased chance for tissue damage, according to Heather Renko-Breed, Global Product Manager at Leica Biosystems. MammoPort eliminates the need for manual tissue handling by radiology technologists, protecting the quality of the biopsied tissue and enhancing ease-of-use.

“Mammoport is the first system to completely eliminate unnecessary tissue manipulation and calcification separation, therefore maintaining critically important tissue orientation, size, and integrity,” indicates Dr. Gilvydis. “This is performed without crush damage to the tissue from tweezers as with other systems. This maintenance of tissue integrity allows improved diagnostic accuracy, which can lead to improved patient treatment and outcomes.”

The Mammotome revolve breast biopsy device automatically places the tissue into the tissue trays. The radiology technologist then inserts the tray with the samples into the Mammoport container, and it is transported to the radiograph. Once the calcifications are confirmed, the radiology technologist marks the container with the breast cores of interest, placing it into formalin for seamless transport to the Pathology lab for grossing and processing.

Improved Calcification Separation. MammoPort eliminates the need to manually separate tissue with calcifications from non-calcifications, helping prevent potential medical errors. The specimens remain individually contained to maintain the orientation and location of the calcifications, and the marked container helps to ensure the proper patient information and critical specimen identification of calcifications remain intact throughout the process.

“The hard work of detecting the breast abnormality, acquiring the tissue during the biopsy process, can all be undone by manual crush manipulation during the separation of tissue and calcifications,” says Dr. Gilvydis. “Mammoport eliminates this pitfall and helps bridge tissue integrity throughout the acquisition and diagnostic process from Radiology to Pathology.”

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