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Tips and Tricks to Better Histology: Influencing Tissue Processing and Preparation

Fiona Tarbet, B.A.Sc, Leica Biosystems

Monitoring, maintaining, and improving quality in today’s high-pressure environment can be a challenge. Join Fiona Tarbet and learn what to look for when assessing and monitoring tissue processing quality.

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Learning Objectives

  • Understand the key factors influencing tissue preparation and tissue processing
  • Evaluate the effects of poor tissue processing and the theoretical approach to improve quality
  • Learn how to identify the common problems of tissue preparation

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발표자 소개

Fiona Tarbet, B.A.Sc, Leica Biosystems

Fiona holds a Bachelor of Applied Science (Med.Science) from RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia. Currently, Fiona is a Senior Global Product Manager with Leica Biosystems with particular focus on the Tissue Processing Portfolio. However, Fiona has spent her entire career of nearly 40 years focused on Histology, first within a fast-paced, clinical laboratory-based role in Melbourne, Australia where she held positions of increasing responsibility up to Laboratory Management, before moving to Vision Biosystems as Laboratory Manager with oversite of scientific staff involved in R&D for the BOND, CEREBRO and PELORIS systems, Verification and Validation activities, Production and Field Application Support. Fiona then moved into the commercial area involvement in the product development lifecycle from ideation to product development, product marketing and commercialization. Fiona has been actively involved in several scientific organizations with membership of the NSH and HGV and has been invited to give workshops for several years at the NSH.