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New Diagnostic Modalities in Refining Diagnoses in Haematological Malignancies


In 2008 the WHO Classifications for haematological malignancies were re-classified.  Since 2008, there has been new evolving technologies and subtypes.  The presentation will review the 2008 WHO Classifications and the technology that was used for these classifications. Then the presentation will focus on the discussion of today’s new technologies and how new subtypes have emerge in the laboratories.  Genetic technology is explored as the diagnostic tool of these subtypes and how this technology has improved diagnosis and possible patient treatments.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Review of the WHO Classifications and the technology of 2008 will be discussed.
  2. A review of the changing technology for these malignancies will be explored.
  3. A discussion of how genetic technology has improved subclasses and possible diagnosis of the malignancies.
  4. Review of the current status of genetic testing and technology for heamatological malignancies subclasses. 

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