Drill Bits and Wheels

Drill Bits and Wheels Dental Grade

Drill Bits and Wheels
Drill Bits and Wheels

The corrosion-resistant Drill Bit is a Dental Burr Carbide Vanadium drill bit for drilling through skull. It has a standard 3/32 dental size shaft and comes in a package of six bits. Leica recommends for most drilling applications to use the smallest bit available, particularly when drilling an electrode hole through skull. If the hole needs to be larger, it can be achieved by gently moving the drill in a circular motion while drilling. As the drill end is spherical, the larger bits can leave a bony ledge around the hole at the bottom.

Also, ultrathin diamond cutting wheels for burrless cutting of stainless steel tubing.


Stainless, Long Life

Carbide Vanadium steel