ISH Probes

Reliably detect clinically relevant DNA, or RNA transcripts with Leica Biosystems ISH probes. The range includes important probes such as Kappa, Lambda and Epstein-Barr virus. Available in fully-automated*, ASR (USA) and manual formats to suit your workflow requirements.

BOND ISH probes are provided in a ready-to-use format and their use has been validated together with Leica Biosystems ancillaries and BOND Polymer Refine detection for quality you can depend on. Hybridization time is rapid – just 2 hours using the standard BOND protocol, enabling the rapid turnaround of results vs. typical overnight protocols or outsourced testing, for improved patient care.

* BOND ISH probes are not available in the USA. In the USA, ASR probes are provided to enable eligible laboratories to develop and validate their own Laboratory Developed Tests.