Satellite Enumeration



The primary constriction, called the centromer, is a common feature of chromosomes necessary for cell division. Presence of repetitive sequences in the centromeric regions have been proven to be essential. In humans, and many other species, specific repetitive sequences, called ‘Satellites’ are characteristic for the centromer in general.

Technical Information


The SE probes are supplied in a 10-test, 5x concentrated format. Hybridization buffer can be purchased separately (see General Purpose Reagents). The SE probes labeled in a choice of green (PlatinumBright™ 495) or red (PlatinumBright™ 550). All SE probes can also be supplied labeled in blue (PlatinumBright™ 415) on request. The SE combinations are already supplied in a Dual-Color format ready-to-use.


Satellite sequences share some degree of homology between the sequences from chromosome to chromosome. Chromosomes 1/5/19, 13/21, and 14/22 share the same repetitive sequences and cannot be differentiated by chromosome specific repeats.


"Our REPEAT-FREE™ Satellite Enumeration ASR Probes in the table below are provided in a 20 µl, 5x concentrated format except where noted".

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ASR - Analyte Specific Reagent