CD138 (Syndecan 1) Bond Reagents

CD138 (Syndecan 1)

Plasmacytoma: immunohistochemical staining with Bond ready-to-use CD138 (Synedcan-1) (MI15) using Bond Polymer Refine Detection.

Antigen Background

The CD138 molecule is a transmembrane heparan sulphate glycoprotein expressed at distinct stages of differentiation in normal lymphoid cells such as pre-B cells, immature B cells and Ig-producing plasma cells as well as being expressed in stratified and simple epithelia. The loss of CD138 expression from atypical cells is reported to be an early event during cervical carcinogenesis whereas CD138 antigen expression shows a close association with preserved epithelial morphology and differentiation, however, the major utility of CD138 as a marker in immunohistochemistry is the quantification of plasma cells.




商品番号 商品名 Configuration Use Datasheet MSDS 数量
PA0088 7ml CD138 Bond RTU Primary Bond ready to use reagent P(HIER) Info MSDS 1