Immunofluorescence – Fluorescent Immunohistochemistry Image Analysis

The Aperio Image Analysis Immunofluorescence menu offers solutions for measurement of single and multiplex tissue staining. Quantify expression of fluorescently-labeled protein biomarkers at the tissue, cellular or subcellular level. Algorithms can be customized for a variety of fluorescent dyes, allowing each algorithm to be used for specific, diverse research requirements.


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Aperio Cellular IF Algorithm
Quantify location, area, intensity, and colocalization up to 7 FL-labeled biomarkers within membrane, nuclear, and cytoplasmic cellular compartments.
Aperio Area Quantification FL Algorithm
Identify and measure multiple fluorescent dyes in tissue, including area and intensity of each dye, and channel colocalization.
Aperio Positive Pixel Count FL Algorithm
Accurate, easy-to-use measurement of biomarker expression based on fluorescent dye signal.

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