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Stay Curious

by Soniya Ingale, Marketing Automation Specialist

Coming into Leica Biosystems from the IT sector was a bit daunting. I had no experience in the healthcare world and felt overwhelmed by the different products and how they fit into the cancer diagnostics process. Surprisingly, my managers weren’t at all concerned. They embraced my background, set me up on a learning plan and encouraged me to share my unique skill set around digital platforms to the marketing team.


The fact that my managers believe we can all learn from each other boosted my confidence and motivated me to work hard and learn fast to succeed for myself and my team. Over the past year and a half, I have learned more than I ever could have imagined - about cancer diagnostics and about marketing.

An ‘aha’ moment. I’ll never forget the first time I visited a pathology lab with my managers. It was a great experience -- so inspiring to see LBS technology in action. I instantly took the opportunity to pepper our guide with questions. Because I spend so much of my day bringing product information to life on our website, I was familiar with the instrumentation the lab was using. I spoke up so much during the tour that he finally turned to me and asked, “how do you know so much about this?” I laughed and shared my experience working on the Digital Marketing team. By the end of the meeting he gave me his business card. I had landed a lead!

The take-away. There are unending opportunities at Leica if you’re willing to work hard, be adaptable and stay curious. Currently, I am part of a team driving Leica Biosystems transformation to digital marketing. I identify and bring to our company best practices in marketing automation and collaborate with colleagues around the world, who I in turn learn from. It isn’t always easy -- every day there are cultural, language and time zone challenges to navigate -- but it is rewarding. I can’t wait to see where my work takes me next -- perhaps becoming a SME in digital platforms, exploring product management or pursuing another path. Time will tell.

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