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Digitization and Artificial Intelligence (AI) can bring enormous benefits to pathology services. The COVID-19 pandemic has already transformed attitudes toward digital health; now is the time to embrace the potential of digital pathology, says Dr. Bethany Williams.

Dr. Jerad Gardner explores how the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the world of pathology and what can we take forward from the experience to raise the profile of the pathology profession.

Reflecting on his own experience of working on the front line during the first wave of COVID-19, Dr. Matthew Clarke talks about what the pandemic reveals about the importance of molecular pathology.

Molecular pathology has the potential to create health service efficiencies and improve outcomes for cancer patients, we just have to imagine a world in which molecular pathology & personalised medicine is the norm – then create it, says Dr. Matthew Clarke.

Cancer patients have many questions and pathologists have a unique opportunity to help empower them with knowledge online and on social media, says Dr. Jerad Gardner.

To integrate digital pathology and artificial intelligence (AI) technology into our services, we need passionate advocates to create consensus across cancer care, highlighting the benefits to workforce efficiency and patient care, says Dr. Bethany Williams.

The demand for pathology services is increasing while the number of pathologists is decreasing globally. In this chapter, Dr. Graham addresses how to train and retain the new generation of pathologists while adapting to technological advances in the field.

Molecular pathology enables a more detailed diagnosis of cancer and more effective, personalized medicine based on the genetic profile of the patient – hospital administrators could be great advocates for it, says Dr. Matthew Clarke.

As the number of cancer cases increase, we need more people to start training as pathologists to address the challenges we face. Education is key – but so is sharing our enthusiasm for pathology, says Dr. Tiffany Graham.

Integrating digital pathology and artificial intelligence (AI) technology within our existing pathology services will bring real benefits to patients, and engaging healthcare leaders is key to this process, says Dr. Bethany Williams.

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