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Tissue Choppers Manual Digital

Digital Tissue Chopper for Live Sections
Digital Tissue Chopper for Live Sections

The Manual Tissue Chopper with Digital Micrometer Advance advances straight down into the tissue and exerts no lateral pressure on the tissue. Even retinal tissue and nerve bundles will not skitter sideways. The Micrometer Advance sets section thickness, which may be cut as thin as 140 microns and can be positioned for left or right-handed operation.

The instrument is built with rigid supports so that a quick hand chop can produce reproducible sections. A rigid preset stop will halt the blade descent at the acrylic surface. One person should be near the instrument in operation, and the operator's hand which is not cutting should be kept away from the blade or acrylic surface.


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390610 Manual Tissue Chopper/Digital Micrometer 1 Piece
390810 Replacement Plastic Disks for McIllwain 1 Piece
390620 Blades pkg of 20 to fit Tissue Chopper 1 Piece