Dr. Jerad Gardner on challenges, opportunities + trends in cancer diagnostics

"I'm curious to see how a CEO or someone high level in leadership would view our role and what the future might hold for us. I'm curious to see if there are comments about the financial aspects of what we do, if pathologists might actually be able to help decrease costs by better test utilization. It should be pretty exciting and interesting. I know a lot of pathologists and what they think but to see what non pathologists who are in the executive suites, making big decisions to see what they think about us, and how view us from the outside. I think it will be really fascinating and insightful .Hopefully, it will help us to understand better as pathologists how we can position ourselves to both have career security in the future but also to play an important role in helping with patient care which after all, is the whole reason that we became pathologists in the first place."

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