Twinstar Dual-Color CISH

Until recently, the potential drawback of a CISH assay has been the fact that most such assays are based on single-color thereby preventing the possibility to study ratio of genes, like for the Her-2 gene in relation to the centromeric region of chromosome 17. The TwinStar CISH kits include the corresponding Repeat-Free POSEIDON FISH probes and the specific TwinStar detection module.

Technical use

TwinStar is designed for dual-color CISH. The detection part includes two proprietary substrates converting both fluorescent signals into distinct colorimetric signals, the red fluor is converted into a red signal and the green fluor into a grayish-green signal. 

Amplified Her-2/Neu (ERBB2) on a breast cancer specimen visualized with the TwinStar dual color CISH kit.