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Designed for Apple iPad and iPhone mobile devices, ePathViewer lets you view eSlides from anywhere, at anytime. The data you need is always just a click, pinch or finger swipe away.

Our ePathViewer supports rapid panning and zooming through eSlides via WiFi (also LTE and 3G). Featuring full mobile touch interface capabilities, ePathViewer emphasizes critical eSlide information while minimizing visual distractions.

This newer version allows medical students to access course information by adding custom URL’s.

With ePathViewer, you can:

  • Pan and zoom rapidly with familiar ease though eSlide information across wide-area networks
  • Identify case / class information alongside eSlides
  • Review all eSlides in a case at once, and quickly switch between them
  • Take snapshots of current eSlide view, capture, and share
  • Create and share education course content and eSlides

Our newest application of ePathViewer is now available for download in the Apple iTunes Store; search for “Aperio” or “ePathViewer”.  This is a free download which now contains an in-application purchase to access viewing additional eSlides through custom URL’s.  This In-Application purchase is $14.99.

Download the iPad App from iTunes
Download the iPhone App from iTunes
Download the Instruction Guide
Download the FAQ