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Laboratory Consumables - Stains

Reveal the structures of life. The Surgipath range includes a variety of H&E and special stains specially formulated to let you consistently create your preferred staining aesthetic.

  • High Quality  H&Es – SelecTech system delivers crisp nuclear detail and well-delineated H&E staining
  • Standardize your H&Es – SPECTRA H&E and ST Infinity delivers the staining consistency you need, slide after slide…
  • Start immediately – Surgipath special stains kits contain everything you need.
  • Create the perfect partnership – SPECTRA H&E stains are validated for use with SPECTRA ST stainer.


  • The SelecTech series of staining products offers the nuclear detail and differentiation required, while maintaining the flexibility you need to meet a wide range of color preferences.

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Conventional Stains

  • Find the right conventional nuclear or counter stain for you.  Surgipath offers you the benefit of over 30 years of industry leading stain development and refinement products such as Scott’s Tap Water Substitute.

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Special Stains

  • Experience the exceptional quality of our Surgipath® Special Stain portfolio developed with the technician and automation in mind.
  • Buy a Leica special stain kit and get all the components you need in one part number.

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SPECTRA H&E stains offer two intensity options, light (S1) and moderate (S2), to maintain quality and consistency over a range of 1600 slides.

Also available is the HistoCore SPECTRA S1-800 and S2-800 Staining System for Low Volume laboratories, delivering consistency and efficiency from slide 1 to 800.

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