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Laboratory Consumables - Paraffin

Formulations developed with consistent quality and dependability in mind.

With a variety of set-point temperatures, additives and characteristics, there is a Surgipath® paraffi n to meet your processing, embedding and sectioning requirements.

Whichever product you choose, you can be sure you are getting a premium product that will produce the quality you expect.



  • Paraplast Regular - Our most popular paraffin that is used for both infiltration and/or embedding. Get superior quality sections with minimal compressions
  • Paraplast X-tra - Recommended for lower temperature infiltration which aids in the prevention of tissue distortion. Provides exceptional compression resistance and ribbon continuity.
  • Paraplast Plus - Specially formulated paraffin containing dimethyl
    sulfoxide (DMSO) for larger specimens and tissues that require
    enhanced infiltration.
  • Paraplast High Melt - This embedding media is most commonly used when sectioning with a sliding microtome and in exceedingly warmer climates where sectioning with conventional paraffins is difficult on rotary microtomes.

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  • Preformed paraffin blocks specifically shaped to fit easily into your ASP or Peloris Tissue Processors.
  • No measuring or topping off – 1 case fills a retort.
  • Solid blocks that don’t spill and create slippery surfaces.

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    Infiltration Medium

    • Highly purified paraffin specially formulated for effective infiltration.
    • Usually paired with Embedding Medium (EM-400) as part of two-paraffin system.

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    Embedding Medium

    • High-polymer content paraffin specifically formulated for embedding and to facilitate easier sectioning.
    • Excellent as an all-purpose paraffin or can be paired with Infiltration Medium as part of ‘two-paraffin system’

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    Formula R

    • Premium all-purpose paraffin with multiple polymers to provide great structural support for thin sections and dense tissues.
    • Also available in unique plastic jug.

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    Blue Ribbon

    • The bluish tint promotes excellent visibility of smaller or opaque tissue samples.
    • Very popular for dermatology and urology labs.

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