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Telomeres are specialized DNA-Protein structures containing long stretches of (TTAGGG) in repeats at the end of all chromosomes. They protect chromosomes from degradation and end-to-end fusion with other chromosomes. The region adjacent to sequences containing telomeric repeats is called the sub-telomer which has been found to be relative gene-rich. Cytogenetic analysis of sub-telomeric regions is difficult due to low resolution using conventional banding techniques.

Technical Information

The ST probes are supplied in a 5-test, 5x concentrated format. Hybridization buffer can be purchased separately (see General Purpose Reagents). The ST probes labeled in a choice of green (PlatinumBright™ 495) or red (PlatinumBright 550). For blue (PlatinumBright 415) ST probes please inquire.

All probes in the ST range have not shown any cross-hybridization to other chromosomal regions. However, it cannot be excluded that certain sequence polymorphic could still exist. If any unusual hybridization patterns are observed please contact us at kreatech-support@leicabiosystems.com

"Our Kreatech Sub-Telomeric ASR Probes in the table below are provided in a 10 µl, 5x concentrated format".

ASR - Analyte Specific Reagent