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Factor XIIIa Primary Antibodies

Factor XIIIa Novocastra

Antigen Background

Factor XIIIa, also known as fibrinoligase and fibrin-stabilizing factor, is the last enzyme generated in the blood coagulation cascade. It is a Ca2+-dependent transglutaminase or transamidating enzyme which forms intermolecular gamma-glutamyl-epsilon-lysine crosslinks between fibrin molecules resulting in the mechanical stabilization of the fibrin clot and its resistance to proteolysis. Factor XIIIa may also function to stabilize cell surface molecules and membranes. Ca2+-dependent trans-glutaminases with thiol active centers are widespread in animal tissues and have been associated with cell proliferation, embryonic development and growth through the proliferation of mammary stroma and epithelial elements. Normal mammary stroma, like most collagenous connective tissue contains resident populations of CD34 positive dendritic interstitial cells and scattered Factor XIIIa positive collagen-associated dendrophages. Factor XIIIa has been examined to determine its expression in normal and inflamed skin. Factor XIIIa positive cells in human skin represent a specific population of bone marrow dermal dendritic cells, distinct from Langerhans cells which share some features common to mononuclear phagocytes. In benign skin conditions such as inflammatory dermatoses eg atopic eczema and psoriasis, an increased number of factor XIIIa positive cells in the upper dermis, closely associated with lymphocytes, has been described.


CLONE: E980.1

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Code Name Configuration Use Datasheet MSDS Qty
PA0449 7ml Factor XIIIa Bond RTU Prim Bond ready to use reagent P(HIER) Info MSDS
FXIIIA-L-U 1ml NCL-L-FXIIIa Liquid Concentrated Monoclonal Antibody P(HIER) Info MSDS
FXIIIA 1ml NCL-FXIIIa Lyophilised Concentrated Monoclonal Antibody P(HIER) Info MSDS
FXIIIA-U 1ml NCL-FXIIIA US IVD Lyophilised Concentrated Monoclonal Antibody P(HIER) MSDS
FXIIIA-S 0.1ml NCL-FXIIIa Lyophilised Concentrated Monoclonal Antibody P(HIER) Info MSDS