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Amyloid P Protein Primary Antibodies

Amyloid P Protein Novocastra

Antigen Background

Amyloid consists mainly of rigid, non-branching protein fibrils, together with rod-like aggregates of a pentagonal shaped glycoprotein called amyloid P protein.

Amyloid P protein, also known as P component, comprises 10 percent of amyloid tissue and is present in all but the central nervous system forms of amyloid. Amyloid P protein is a constituent of normal basement membranes and the microfibrillary elastic fiber network.

Product Specific Information

NCL-AMP may be used for the identification of amyloid P protein in normal human tissue and in amyloid deposits. NCL-AMP is only suitable for paraffin-embedded material when the tissue has been fixed in 70 percent ethanol.



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Code Name Configuration Use Datasheet MSDS Qty
AMP 1ml NCL-AMP Lyophilised Concentrated Monoclonal Antibody F, P Info MSDS
AMP-U 1ml NCL-AMP US IVD Lyophilised Concentrated Monoclonal Antibody F, P MSDS