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Novocastra™ Primary Antibodies

Create superior IHC slides with Novocastra primary antibodies. Developed in-house, and backed by 20 years of IHC stain development experience, these robust antibodies have been optimized for automated and manual applications.

  • Superior – clones chosen for exceptional staining with FFPE tissue
  • Flexible– a range formats and sizes to suit your laboratory workflow needs
  • Reliable – robust mouse monoclonal antibodies for real-world laboratory performance

Explore Novocastra HD & The Reference Range: 10 of the most clinically relevant pathologies selected for you

Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor Receptor-3 Antigen Background VEGFR-3 (FLT4) is a receptor tyrosine kinase similar in structure to...
Villin Antigen Background Villin and the structurally-related proteins gelsolin, fragmin and...
Vimentin Antigen Background Eukaryotic cells contain a number of types of cytoplasmic filamentous...