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Improve workflow efficiency and streamline validation

Choose from an expanded range of products to improve your laboratory efficiency

Novocastra HD represents a comprehensive range of formats and sizes, making it easy for you to align the right products to your case-load and format preferences. Novocastra HD includes an extended range of liquid concentrates, and BOND Ready-to-Use products optimized for use on the fully-automated BOND staining platforms.

Reduce waste and become cost efficient with new liquid concentrates

Match product volume to workflow and minimize time, resource and money spent on validation of lot changes. In addition, for less commonly performed tests, 0.1mL or 0.5mL volumes help ensure complete product use before its expiration date.

Scale up to larger BOND Ready-to-Use and minimize validation

Many higher usage ready-to-use antibodies are now available in two sizes: 7mL (46 tests) and 30mL size (200 tests). 30mL BOND Ready-to-Use reduce the need for frequent container changes and reduce the validation time, tissue and additional reagent expense.

Choose formats aligned to your workflow

Whether you prefer the validation and ease of use offered by Ready-to-Use antibodies, or the customization and flexibility of concentrates, all Novocastra HD antibodies are available in both formats.