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DAB (Polymer) Kit (Buffer + Chromogen) Manual Detection Kits and Buffers

DAB (Polymer) Kit (Buffer + Chromogen) Novocastra Novolink™

DAB (Polymer) Kit (Buffer + Chromogen)

Novolink™ Polymer Detection Systems are used for the visualization of mouse IgG, mouse IgM and rabbit IgG primary antibodies. Novolink™ DAB (Polymer) contains component reagents of these systems. The Novolink™ Polymer Detection Systems utilize a novel controlled polymerization technology to prepare polymeric HRP-linker antibody conjugates. Therefore, the problem of non-specific staining that can occur with Streptavidin/Biotin detection systems due to endogenous biotin does not occur.

These products are used in an immunohistochemical (IHC) procedure, which allows the qualitative identification by light microscopy of antigens in sections of formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tissue.


Novolink™ DAB (Polymer), RE7230-K, is a two part DAB kit comprising:

  • 30 mL of Novolink™ DAB Substrate Buffer and
  • 3 mL of Novocastra DAB Chromogen,

sufficient to perform approximately 250 tests.


Novolink™ Max DAB (Polymer) RE7270-K is a two part DAB kit comprising:

  • 150mL of Novolink™ Substrate Buffer (Polymer) and
  • 8mL of Novocastra DAB Chromogen,

sufficient to perform approximately 1,250 tests.


For in vitro diagnostic use.

Some products are not available in your region, please contact your Leica Biosystems representative to find a solution that is right for you.